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Fix Pack 9 now available for Notes and Domino
16 Sept 2017   | News

Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing
10 Nov 2016   | News
We will shortly be offering Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking investigations based on the OWASP standard. https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Testing_Guide_Introduction

Also check out the OWASP Ethical Hacking Lab. OWASP Hacking Lab is providing free remote security (web) challenges and riddles (OWASP TOP 10, OWASP WebGoat, OWASP Hackademics). It differs from other damn vulnerable applications and sites with it's unique teacher application. Every challenge is asking for the vulnerability, exploit and mitigation. Send in your solution and other OWASP volunteers will grade your submission. A system where you can interact with human beings.

Qualys SSL Labs Results for 2biz.uk
07 Oct 2016   | News

Security will always be one of the biggest issues on the internet - Google is now ranking sites higher if they use SSL. We are focussed on achieving better security and higher levels of SSL deployment.

Qualys SSL Labs A+ 100% in All Categories for novadiagnostics.co.uk
13 Oct 2015   | News

After persistent configuration and re-configuration we have achieved a near perfect SSL score for novadiagnostics.co.uk

inemporium SSL A+


And novadiagnostics.co.uk

Novadiagnostics A+


Compare this to HSBC online banking


SHA-2 support available for IBM Domino 9.x
1 Jun 2015   | News

If you are having fun setting up Domino to meet the current minimum SSL standards we would like to help.

This is a demo site with SSL certificate using IBM Domino 9.x

To test your SSL setup we would recommend the following site:


If you are unable to score an A+ for your domain, please contact us – we want to help.



More information:



Lotus Domino 9 setup with Reverse Proxy
29 May 2015   | Projects

Completed May 2015 Project – Configure Lotus Domino 9 Server with an nginx Reverse Proxy front end.

Just blocked all direct http/https traffic going direct to server – all traffic must now pass through the reverse proxy and pass strict filtering rules. see: https://demo.sslv1.com/names.nsf

Plus we can use the nginx server to better configure our SSL performance.

HTTP Network Traffic Settings


As you can see from the server console shot – traffic which is attempting to go direct is now stopped.

Domino Blocking Traffic


We are also stopping a large number of 66.249 ips (which is Google) – this direct traffic is one of the reasons to start the direct blocking – Google was diluting our sites’ link value by accessing multiple sites through the IP address, then the server name – we sued site documents to redirect but realised this was wasting valuable resources – why not channel it correct before it hits the server.


As for improving SSL performance – from an F to an A+:





One of the new services we would like to offer is a complete Reverse Proxy Rental Service

In addition for Lotus Domino users we can add Lotus Domino configuration for improving allround performance, SSL upgrades, URL filtering, reverse proxy caching and many more features. Please contact jeremy@2biz.co.uk for more information.

 What is a reverse proxy server?
28 May 2015   | News

In simple terms a reverse proxy is another front door for your server. It can help hide the existence and characteristics of a server or servers.

Simple Proxy Server Example

Consider this scenario – you have a web server – all traffic goes to your server directly – all wanted and unwanted traffic!  They can access data about your server, operating system and web server platform.

Everyone knows your server address so other attacks can be initiated directly to your IP address.

A reverse proxy can be used to prevent all this from happening. It sits like a moat around your server. It protects your server’s identity, filters out unwanted traffic helping to reduce server load and many other things (caching, load balancing, compressing,


In addition a key success of reverse proxies is in handling secure websites (https access).

“In the case of secure websites, a web server may not perform SSL encryption itself, but instead offloads the task to a reverse proxy that may be equipped with SSL acceleration hardware.”


 Rent a Reverse Proxy
26 May 2015   | News

Worried about web server security? How expensive is it to rent a reverse proxy?

We went in search of the best deals for renting a reverse proxy. The simple answer is that there are not many companies offering this service.

Prices started from £1,400 a month – we were shocked ! and put off so we investigated how much should it cost to setup and run a reverse proxy?

We were able to setup a dedicated server running a reverse proxy with very high SSL scoring (A+) for much less. If you are interested in renting a reverse proxy to secure your web server we are able to deliver the following:

Checkout our demo site: https://demo.sslv1.com/ and see the results from our SSL Checker image below. You can run your own check on our domain https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/

Rent a Reverse Proxy

Setup SSL front end

Prices quoted above are for basic setup & configuration.

SSL certificate & key will need to be provided by the customer. We can assist with most questions relating to purchase and supply of SSL certificates. We are not affiliated with any supplier so our advice is completely impartial.



Caring & Sharing East Sussex Celebrates Nine Years
5 Oct 2013   | Uncategorized

October 2013, the website Caring and Sharing East Sussex celebrates its ninth Birthday of web presence with 2Biz Solutions Ltd.


Back in 2004 Elizabeth Gorsuch visited us in the Hastings Trust where we started. She asked for help setting up a website for their charity. We were very happy to help and have continued supporting the charity free of charge ever since.

Elizabeth recently retired from her post as Projects Officer, we wish her well and look forward to many more years supporting Caring & Sharing East Sussex.

Caring & Sharing

Caring and Sharing 2013

Herts Accountant Stays Number 1
8 Feb 2013   | News

For the 3rd year Herts Accountant (http://herts-accountant.co.uk site built for Michael West, is number one Google for Herts Accountant.

Mike is very pleased and is benefitting for the effective promotion of his business.

This site is now closed due to a change in user requirements. 1 Feb 2017

Happy New Year 2013
1 Jan 2013   | Uncategorized

At last, the start of another year. We wish all our current and future customers a very Happy New Year.


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